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2020 Spring Registration Closes January 31

Basic Information and Time Commitments

Our goal is to encourage a lifelong LOVE of Lacrosse by Cherry Hill boys and girls.  

To this end we offer lacrosse programs for all ages and skill levels starting with the SCOOPERS from pre-k to 1st grade up through 8th Graders. We are a recreational club so there are no tryouts.  We have new players starting at EVERY age group every year.

Notional Locations/Times/Schedules for 2020 (Subject to Change)

Youth Girls - Ages 4-15

The girls youth program is organized by age.  The age categories are 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U.  This year we trying to organize practices so there are more coaches and players at the same fields at the same times.  The locations and times may change.  This is to give parents an idea of the time commitments.

AgesTuesday  Thursday Costs Game Days
 6U Saturdays at CH West 
 $90 (includes stick) + $30 USL 
 8U Croft Farm 6:00-7:30 Croft Farm 6:00-7:30 $185 + Uniform + $30 USL Saturday Mornings
 10U Croft Farm 6:00-7:30 Croft Farm 6:00-7:30 $185 + Uniform + $30 USL Sunday Mornings
 12U Barclay School 6:00-7:30 Decou 6:00-7:30 $185 + Uniform + $30 USL Sunday Noon
 14U Decou 6:00-7:30 Decou 7:30-9:00 $185 + Uniform + $30 USL Sunday Mid-day

Youth Boys - Grades pre-K - 8th

The boys youth program is organized by grade.  There are 2 grades per group scoopers Pre-K/K, Mites 1/2, Squirts 3/4, PeeWee 5/6, and Bantam 7/8.  This year we trying to organize practices so there are more coaches and players at the same fields at the same times.  Below is a notional schedule based on anticipated registrations.  The locations and times may change.  This is to give parents an idea of the time commitments.

AgesMondayWednesday Thursday Friday CostsGame Days
Saturdays at CH East @noon
$90 (includes stick) + $30 USL
1st Grade
Rec (in town)
   $150 (includes helmet and pad kit)
+ $30 USL
 Saturday Pickup Games
 @ Cherry Hill East
  $185 + Uniform + $30 USLSaturday Mornings
$185 + Uniform + $30 USLSaturday Mornings
 $185 + Uniform + $30 USLFriday Night/Saturday Mid-day
$185 + Uniform + $30 USLFriday Night/Saturday Mid-day



We offer Boys preK-8th grade and Girls U6-U14.  Our league groups 2 years/grades into a single age bracket.  The Girls use even years (i.e. U8, U10, etc) and the boys use grades (i.e. 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8).  Once you input your player's information the website present to you only the age bracket which is allowable based on their age.

Our scoopers programs (preK and U6) are played on smaller fields and the boys use only a stick and mouthpiece with no contact.   This should keep costs as low as possible for kids just trying out lacrosse.  In addition, for the scoopers only the registration will come with a free stick and soft ball (boys and girls) included in the entry fee.

After you register you will receive a confirmation email with more information on where to buy gear (e.g. helmets or goggles) and starter packs.


ALL age groups require a US Lacrosse Membership which costs $30.

Boys & Girls Scoopers (U7 and U6):
The registration cost is $90.  We are not doing uniforms for this age group, so select "no" for needing a uniform.  The registration cost comes with a stick and a soft ball.  There is a non-volunteer fee of $10 unless you volunteer for something (assistant coach, etc).

Boys & Girls (above U7 and U6):
The registration cost is $185.   New players or players who have outgrown their uniforms there is a $65 fee for the uniform which includes shooter shirt and shorts or skirt (boys and girls respectively).  These age groups require the kids to have their own gear to play (links are available in the registration confirmation email).  After you signup you will receive a flyer from Universal Lacrosse for beginner packages for less than $200.

What you need on hand prior to registering:

  1. US Lacrosse membership number for your player.  If you do not have one, register with US Lacrosse here.
  2. Health Insurance card and family doctor information (used for account creation in step 3 below)
  3. Cherry Hill Lacrosse website account.  If you do not have one click register here.
  4. Uniform size for your player.  See the image below for a sizing chart.

Sizing Chart


  1. Login to the Cherry Hill Youth Lacrosse website (click the login button above)
  2. Login and go to "Registration Info" and click on "Available Programs - 2020" (where you should be right now).  You should see the available programs for your player's that you entered into the system.
  3. Follow the instructions provided and register. 
  4. Uniforms: By default the system assumes you need a jersey.  If you already have one or are a Scooper (preK or U6) you must select that you do not, or you will be charged $65 uniform fee.
  5. This year we are offering an option for 3 installment payments to ease the holiday cost burden.  Select that if you would like as well.
  6. You will receive an email immediately with some information about the club and where you can purchase gear.
  7. Any questions, don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]

Returning Players

What you need prior to registration:

  1. Renew your US Lacrosse registration.
  2. Have your player try-on last years uniform

Other Registration Information

  1. Uniforms:  BY DEFAULT the system assumes you do NOT need a new jersey, shorts/skirt.  If you do require new uniform, then select YES to the checkbox stating "Need new uniform?".  If you do not select this box you will not receive a jersey regardless of whether you selected a size
  2. We kept the payment plan option.  You can either pay in 3 installments (initial, late January, and late February) or all at once.
  3. The system will not let you register unless your player is up to date with US Lacrosse through the Spring 2019 season (mid-June).

Registration Options - Select Program Below

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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